A Great Christian Leader has these 13 qualities

What does it really mean to be a great Christian leader and who should focus on leadership? Whether you’re leading a small group, serving in a church, or managing your own business, a leader is only as strong as their leadership qualities. We all have different strengths and weaknesses that guide us in our individual paths. As Christian women, what unique qualities should we strive to embody when it comes to leading? Here are 13 Christian leadership qualities that every leader should aspire to have.


Humility is the quality of having a modest opinion of oneself and not thinking too highly of one’s status. Humble leaders know that they aren’t the center of attention and puts others first before themselves. Humility also allows great leaders to admit their mistakes and learn from them without being ashamed. Being a leader means we ditch selfish ambition and remain self-controlled.


Integrity is about choosing to do the right thing even when no one is looking. An honest leader will always remain true to their values and beliefs even under difficult circumstances. They will not only speak the truth but also take action accordingly even when it’s hard or uncomfortable.


Compassionate leaders understand how it feels to be in someone else’s shoes. They show empathy towards others and strive for justice for those who are vulnerable or disadvantaged in society. A compassionate leader puts people first before profits or power and seeks out ways to serve others with kindness and grace.


Servanthood is about putting others before yourself and being willing to go the extra mile for them. A servant leader will do whatever it takes to meet the needs of their team or congregation regardless of personal gain or recognition they may receive from it. They also look out for opportunities where they can help others grow by providing guidance, advice, or mentorship when necessary. Jesus modeled servant leadership and I personally think it’s the most important heart posture Christian leaders can have.

Good leaders are willing to take advice

A great Christian leader can recognize when they’re in the wrong, and make sure to right any wrongs they may have caused. A good leader uses their power for good, not for personal gain or benefit. They actively seek to grow. They also lean into what the Holy Spirit is telling them to do. They are seeking God’s direction over their own interests.


A good Christian leader seeks and must have the virtue of patience if they want to be successful. Patience is about having self-control, understanding, and endurance in difficult situations. Leaders should strive for an attitude of calmness and gentleness when it comes to dealing with people instead of letting their emotions take over.


A great Christian leader knows that they can’t do it all by themselves and relies on others to get the job done. They understand that each person in their team has different strengths and weaknesses, and works to bring out the best in everyone. Jesus never did things solo. He had a team around Him to support His ministry efforts. If Jesus needs a team, so do you.


Creative leaders don’t just go with the flow. They brainstorm ideas and think outside the box to find solutions to problems. A creative leader is able to come up with innovative solutions that may not have been thought of by many advisers before.


Trustworthiness is about being dependable, honest, and reliable. Leaders who demonstrate trustworthiness build strong relationships with their team, church leaders, or congregation as people will be more likely to follow leaders and to want to work with them.

Leaders must know the scope of their responsibilities

Leaders should understand the limits of their role all the flock and not take on any task that is beyond their capabilities. Leaders should also be aware of their own strengths and weaknesses, so they can delegate tasks to those who are better suited for them at proper time.

Leaders invest in their skills

Do people know someone who is skilled at their work? Leadership is a constant search for improvement in learning and education for how leaders serve themselves and their children .A good leader is always looking for ways to become a better leader and grow. They are constantly learning new things and expanding their knowledge, so they can stay ahead of the competition.

Leaders must be decisive

Decisiveness is an important leadership skill that requires self-confidence, a clear vision of what you want to achieve, and the courage to take action. A good leader is able to make tough decisions, even when it means going against popular opinion or making unpopular choices.

Leaders motivate their team

A great leader recognizes the importance of motivation in order for their team to succeed. They know how to recognize and reward successes, as well as provide encouragement and support during difficult times. A great leader is able to motivate their team by inspiring them and demonstrating a passion for the work they do.

These 13 qualities are able to teach us essential building blocks for becoming an effective Christian leader who leads with integrity, humility, compassion, and servanthood at the forefront of their decisions and actions each day. As we continue on our own journeys as Christian women, let us remember these qualities so that we can lead with excellence in any situation that arises!

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We pray that God blesses you as you pursue His calling of leadership. Amen!

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