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15 Thanksgiving Activities For Kids To Keep The Focus On Jesus

Mama, I know the holidays are a super busy time and can be incredibly stressful. That stress only amplifies when we have littles underfoot. The stress of making sure the turkey hits the table at the right time and everyone has a good time can make it easy to lose sight of our true focus, Jesus. A little prep ahead of time can make Thanksgiving Jesus-focused for your kiddos without adding extra stress to your plate.

I know I personally always have these big ideas about the holidays and ways to make it extra special for the boys but then Thanksgiving Day rolls around and all my careful planning seems to go out the window. Somehow, I always forget something so silly like green beans for my green bean casserole and so off to the store we go.

But no more. While I have 100% began shopping for Thanksgiving Day already (don’t laugh at me), I also have my Thanksgiving Day activities prepped for the kids to keep the focus on Jesus.

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Why Focus on Christ This Thanksgiving

While Thanksgiving now, at least in the United States, is focused on family, friends, food, and football, the first Thanksgiving was about thanking God for caring for those early American settlers.

Leaving England in search of religious freedom, the Pilgrims were ill-prepared for the harsh winters in the New World without provisions.

Thankful to God and the Native Americans for getting them through the winter, the Pilgrims decided to have a 3-day feast to celebrate. The second Thanksgiving was held in 1623 and the governor had called for a fast prior to the celebration to celebrate the end of a drought.

This practice became common for the settlers as they took some dedicated time to praise God for all that He had provided for them. Abraham Lincoln was the first to mark an official holiday for Thanksgiving in 1863. Took quite a while for Americans to make Thanksgiving official. President Lincoln asked God to, “commend to his tender care all those who have become widows, orphans, mourners or sufferers in the lamentable civil strife” and to “heal the wounds of the nation.”

All this to say, Thanksgiving has always been a God-focused celebration. It’s so easy in our world to let the food, family and favorite football team take center stage but my prayer is that this Thanksgiving has a different meaning for you.

15 Jesus Focused Activities for Thanksgiving

Making Thanksgiving Jesus-Focused

Mama, I know you’re busy, and asking you to add one more thing to your list seems intense. That’s why I put together some printables to keep your kids focused on Jesus and not asking you when dinner will be ready.

These printables are perfect for your elementary-aged kiddos and I added some coloring pages for the super littles.

The Thanksgiving Day pack has 15 different activities for your kids so there’s plenty here to keep them focused on Jesus this Thanksgiving. These printables are full of scripture giving you a great starting point for conversation.

For more Thanksgiving Day ideas that are Christ-focused, check out this post. Between the printables and those conversation starters, you are sure to have a spirit-filled holiday this November.

What’s one way you’ll make Thanksgiving Christ-focused this year?

Keep the focus on Jesus this Thanksgiving with these 15 printable activities for the kids. Keep the Christian focus alive this November.

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