5 Misconceptions about Biblical Femininity

There’s this idea floating around that biblical womanhood is somehow this dirty thing. That it makes you less than to your husband. That the moment you get married you lose all autonomy and you just become a walking doormat.

In fact, I’ve had to have this intense conversation with many friends and family members about what it means to be a woman defined by God. Frankly, it’s not a popular concept in today’s world. Many of my friends don’t understand.

I’ve been called all sorts of awful names because I believe in what God teaches about womanhood. But I want to make it clear what God does not teach about womanhood but what society thinks it’s about.

Christian women are less than men

Y’all this one is just simply not true. God did not design women to be less than men. Where this rumor began, I have no clue but let’s go to the text and examine what God has to say.

  • God created men and women in His image. Men and women have direct access to God and share responsibility together. (Genesis 1:26-28).
  • The Holy Ghost does not discriminate based on biology. (1 Cor 12:7)
  • Men and women are equally called to develop their spiritual gifts and use them for the benefit of the Kingdom. (1 Peter 4:10-11)

Just because God created men and women for different roles, it doesn’t mean one of those roles is better than the other.

Biblical women stay home

There is a weird misconception that if you’re a stay-at-home mom you’re honoring God. There’s this strange energy around those who choose to stay home as if it’s the better decision. As if being at home full-time automatically makes you superior.

There’s also this idea that going to work is problematic.

Just like men and women have different roles, women are called to different seasons and no season is better than another.

The Proverbs 31 woman worked but her family came first. She worked to honor God in her job and family.

The main thing is what is the intention behind it. Do you stay home but hate it? Do you go to work and it compromises your values?

How are you honoring God with your day? We have to know our God-given purpose unique to each of us and take action to move toward what God calls us to. God doesn’t actually care about your actual house but He does care about your family. He cares about the people in your home.

So whether you’re going to work or staying at home, ask yourself what is in your heart and why you’re serving in that capacity.

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We derive all our value from being a wife and mother

Yikes! This one makes me sad. As someone who struggled to conceive, I felt this deeply. I felt like my identity was wrapped up in my womb. Like I was living my life in a way that was displeasing to God because I struggled with fertility, the very thing He gave to women.

But y’all that isn’t it. I am so thankful that God sees us as so much more than a wife and a mother. The thing is, we personally have value because God made us. If nothing else, God made us and therefore we hold value.

Our womb doesn’t signify that we are just child-bearers but that we are nurturers and mothers in a spiritual sense as well. We are called as women to mentor those women younger than us (Titus 2:4-5) and lead them the same way a mother leads her children.

Our marriage isn’t just about having a good time either. It’s about an intimate relationship with God as our marriage points us to glorify Him.

Whether you’re single, married, barren, or fertile, your identity isn’t wrapped up in those labels.

Biblical women are a doormat

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard that, I could retire right now. There’s this big misconception that being a godly woman means we just let people walk all over us as if we lose our voices and ability to formulate intelligent thoughts altogether. This is the biggest misconception to date.

The thing is, being a biblical woman is hard and requires you to have a strong backbone and voice. If not, you’ll get eaten by this world. I want to highlight some of the strong women from the bible too.

  • Ruth – even though she was a widow, she stuck with her Mother in Law and supported her through her hard work and was faithful to God. She offered grace to others.
  • Deborah – the only female judge mentioned in the Bible and one compassionate leader.
  • Esther – risked her life and approached the king.
  • Miriam – in an insanely tumultuous time, Miriam saved her brother and found a way for her mother to be close.
  • Mary of Bethany – she didn’t let the worldly pressures sway her when she was in the company of Jesus.

Y’all I can go on and on about strong women. The point is that women are not doormats.

Biblical womanhood is about you

Unfortunately, this is something we see a lot of among other Christians. We spend a lot of time on “I” and less time focused on God. Biblical womanhood is first and foremost about God.

This is a dangerous place to be because it puts us at the focus and those highest of highs and lowest of lows can really make an impact on us and not in a way that is conducive.

At the end of the day, we have to remember everything points back to God and that includes our own womanhood.

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So tell me, what were some misconceptions you had about biblical womanhood? Let me know in the comments.

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