How to Balance Business and Motherhood and Maintain Your Sanity

Every mom who tries to juggle family and business obligations knows that it can be an arduous task. It often feels like an impossible dream to strike the delicate balance between work and personal life, but don’t be discouraged! In this blog post, we will explore some practical strategies to help you maintain your sanity while still managing your business like a boss.

Develop a Priority-Based Routine

Establishing a routine based on your priorities can help you navigate through your daily responsibilities more efficiently. Start by setting aside time for essential tasks, such as managing your business, taking care of your children, and focusing on your well-being. By being consistent with your routine, you will create a structure that supports both your professional and personal life.

I set my calendar up for the year. I schedule in family time so no one can book my calendar. I schedule me-time. I schedule trips well in advance. I then also schedule recurring meetings. I know every Monday at 11:30 AM EST, I have a prayer call, so that’s a recurring meeting set on my calendar. I also block out time for any other tasks that need my attention. Every Monday I have 2 hours set aside to put up blog posts, I have another time block for social media content creation and check-in. I suggest doing this for yourself so that you can prioritize and be consistent with your responsibilities.

Have Realistic Expectations

With that all in mind, it’s essential to be compassionate with yourself and to manage your expectations realistically. Understand that some days will be more productive than others, and unexpected challenges may arise. Rather than being hard on yourself or feeling defeated, acknowledge your accomplishments and remind yourself that striking the perfect balance requires time, patience, and adjustment.

I know there are plenty of days when I’ve had to make adjustments because a kid ran into a pole on the playground. The thing is, there’s always a way to make it work. Even when things seem like they’re falling apart, I can still find the silver lining. It’s not easy but having resilience helps me get through whatever comes my way. No matter what happens, I will always pick myself up and move on. That’s just how life is sometimes and we have to be willing to find some grace in our schedule. Things won’t always be perfect and it’s okay to acknowledge that something on your to-do list for today got moved to another day.

Do Not Neglect Yourself

Amidst the overwhelming responsibilities of motherhood and business, it’s easy to forget about self-care. Make it a point to schedule regular ‘me time’ to rest and recharge, whether it’s through exercise, meditation, or pursuing a personal hobby. Prioritizing your well-being will empower you to be a more effective entrepreneur and parent.

I’ve been there and done that and it led to burnout. I mean a hospital visit, 3 weeks of bedrest type of burn out. Do not be a Lemon. Take care of yourself! I was so stuck in hustle culture that I didn’t listen to my body at all. I had affirmations like “sleep is for the week” and that kept me going at all hours of the night. Make sure you’re prioritizing your health (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual).

Set Daily Goals That Allow for Flexibility

Create a daily to-do list that includes both personal and professional goals. Make sure you allow some room for flexibility to accommodate any last-minute changes or personal emergencies. Rearrange your daily goals if necessary, and remember that it’s okay to reprioritize based on the unique demands of motherhood.

Balancing business and motherhood may seem overwhelming, but with the right strategies in place, it’s certainly achievable. Developing a priority-based routine, maintaining realistic expectations, not neglecting self-care, and setting adjustable daily goals are essential steps toward achieving a harmonious work-life balance. It is time for you to take charge of your life, embrace the journey, and remember, whenever you are striving for balance, you are already a superhero in the eyes of your family and others in the same boat.

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