Devotionals and Studying Tips to Build a Better Relationship With God

As mamas, it’s really easy to let your quiet scripture time slip away unintentionally. I know I personally have been guilty of that. I’ve gone through the cycle of “I’ll get up earlier” and then that 5 AM alarm goes off and that snooze button looks pretty attractive.

When you’re busy grabbing snacks and wiping tears, it can be hard to find time to give God the attention He deserves because your family is right in front of you with tangible needs. And that’s okay!

But, we can find ways to study the scriptures in a way that works for us in whatever season we’re in. Today, I want to cover some tips and methodologies for studying the scriptures. I’ll tell you what I’ve used and what my friends have used.

The most important thing is you create a routine that makes sense for you. When you find a routine that makes sense for you, it’s easier to make that time with God special and a priority for you.

Grab a Devotional to Start Your Journey

Dive into the Proverbs 31 Woman a bit and see where this study takes you.

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Devotionals versus Studying

First, let’s talk about the two types of studying you can do before we dive into the methods.

I see devotionals about something quick and reflective. I do a 5 minute devotional called First 5 in the morning. It takes up my first 5 minutes of the day and it gives me some time with God while I have something to reflect on and think about. The focus is less on context but what that particular scripture means for the season you’re in. How do you apply that principle to your life right now?

Studying to me is more academic. I’m looking at the context. I want to know what was going on socially, politically, etc. I study word meanings in Greek and Hebrew. For me, studying is all about getting to what the scriptures are saying as a whole and looking at the whole picture.

I personally think both ways are important.

Now, how can we dive into the scriptures with purpose? Glad you asked. Here are my favorite methods of studying. Let’s find your next favorite Bible study method.

The Methods

1. A Character Study

This is such a fun way to study the scriptures. In this particular method, you select a person from the Bible and study them. What principles can draw from them? What did you learn to do and what did you learn not to do?

During this type of study, you’re also looking to see how God is in relationship with His people. What characteristics about God can you see through this particular person’s relationship with God?

Stay tuned for tips on how to do a Character Study in the Bible.

2. A Topical Study

I used to do this all the time. I would pick a topic for the year and then study everything about it. I kept a binder full of all the scriptures in reference to the topic and my notes prayers, reflections, etc.

I love my Bible Index because it lists every scripture by topic so that makes it a bit easier and then gives other words associated with it.

I always think these are fun to do with the family if there’s a certain principle y’all want to focus on as a family.

3. A Practical Study

This is similar to the topical but it focuses on real-life applications. This could be something like parenting or discipleship.

I tackle this the same way I’d tackle a topical study but with real-life application. I think these always take me a little longer because I want to learn a principle and then apply it. Then learn the next one.

Grab a Devotional to Start Your Journey

Dive into the Proverbs 31 Woman a bit and see where this study takes you.

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4. Scripture Memorization

I think this is really imprtant for any Christian to tackle. The world is full of anti-Biblical rhetoric and so I find it really handy to know God’s truth off the top of my head. It also helps when dealing with any type of situation with my kids. Being able to recall scripture for them as it relates to whatever trial they are facing not only grounds them in God’s Word but also sets an example for them. I pray that my children grow up to have God’s truth on their heart always and it’s important my husband and I mimic that for them.

5. A Book Study

I personally love Book Studies because the Bible isn’t chronological. By taking a deep dive into each of the books, we can better understand how they all work together. I find this also to be the most challenging because it involves all the study methods. It’s topical, a character study, a word study, a practical study, etc.

Due to the nature of this study, it certainly takes the longest to accomplish but I find it super rewarding. I can walk away insanely closer to God because of the time spent learning.

I also think these are fun to do at various stages of your life. I believe we always learn something new when we study the scriptures even on verses you’ve read hundreds of times.

The Next Steps

I know I just gave you quite a few options and it may seem overwhelming right now. Don’t get overwhelmed by the choices but simply pick the one that spoke to you and pick up your scriptures today.

Let me know in the comments which study method you’ll be diving into.

Grab a Devotional to Start Your Journey

Dive into the Proverbs 31 Woman a bit and see where this study takes you.

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