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What does the Bible say about anger in your marriage?

Follow my blog with Bloglovin No one wants to live in a marriage full of anger and resentment. I know I surely don't. I've been there myself actually and I am thankful today that my marriage reflects nothing of the hostility that existed in my first marriage. Anger at my spouse was the norm. ... READ the POST

No one wants to live in a marriage full of anger and resentment. I know I surely don't. Let's examine what God says to do about anger in marriage.

Proverbs 22:6 in an Ungodly World: How to Teach Your Kids God’s Truth

As parents, we want to raise our children with the truth of God's Word. But in today's society, it can be difficult to do that. There are so many ungodly influences all around us, from the media to our friends and family members. It can be tough to teach our kids biblical principles when the world ... READ the POST

As parents, it is our responsibility to teach our kids God's truth but how do we tackle such a job in an ungodly world? Let's dive into Proverbs 22:6 more.

Is she a false teacher or immature in her faith?

With so many women popping up with ministries on social media and sharing the gospel, the label false teacher is thrown around a lot. I hear the term "false teacher" at least once a week, especially with new documentaries dropping monthly on churches and pastors claiming to be an expose, wink wink ... READ the POST

Is that woman you follow a false teacher or is she spiritually immature? Learn the key difference and let's define a false teacher in this blog post.

5 Reasons Mentorship is Essential for Christian Women

Mentorship is one of the most important relationships a woman can have in her life. Whether you are a Christian or not, mentorship is essential for growth and development. I am often asked if mentorship is even necessary when someone is a regular church attendee or belongs to a small group or a ... READ the POST

5 Reasons Mentorship is essential for Christian women, especially outside of growing your relationship with Jesus. Learn why you need one today.

5 Ways to Create Christian Community as a Stay-at-Home Mom

Being a stay-at-home mom can be one of the loneliest jobs around. You might feel like you are the only one in your community with kids. Or, maybe all of your friends have gone back to work and you don't know how to meet new people. Trust me, I've been there. I moved to Georgia not knowing a soul. ... READ the POST

Being a stay-at-home mom can feel lonely but God created us for community. Learn how to create lasting community as a stay-at-home mom.

The Bible: The Best Parenting Book You Can Buy

The bible offers a model for parenting that is full of knowledge, wisdom, and true love. The bible is packed with advice on raising children in a healthy environment and giving them the tools to be successful adults in life. You will find everything from reminders of God's word to putting things ... READ the POST

What parents can learn from the Bible when it comes to parenting. The Bible is the best parenting book you can buy with the simplest tools.

What Clients Are Saying

Lindsey Ardmore

Lemon is an incredible person, teacher, and coach. Her insights into the spiritual side coupled with practical advice and her willingness to serve makes her an amazing Mentor. Whether you’re looking to strengthen your relationship with God or feel a part of a thriving community, this is for you.

Christina Vanacore

I met Lemon during a beta group coaching event and immediately admired her ability to break down the Gospel into small, understandable chunks. She inspired and opened my eyes to living a Proverbs 31 life helping me become a better Christian wife and mom.

Angel Conway

1st. WOW!!!!!! 2nd. You had me at Biblical Femininity. 3rd. This was very thought-provoking and much needed to help me to ground myself with taking it all the way back to Genesis. I can appreciate this. There's os much here I would like to take a week and ponder and infuse the concepts into my daily thinking. I can't wait to move the next lesson. Lesson one was FIRE!!!

Charise Brunner

I admire how GOD works! I have been talking about Femininity a lot recently, and yesterday I invested in a Biblical Femininity course by Lemon Price 🎀 Finished the sessions today! It was amazing 👑 My favorite module was on friendships. Confirmation!