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How to Pray Together as a Family: A Must for Every Home

Praying together as a family is something that families have done for centuries. The Bible tells us in Proverbs 27:17 "As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another." This means that when families pray together they are able to be ... READ the POST

Ever wondered how to make prayer a part of your Christian home? Learn more about family prayers and how to change your family's prayer life.

What is Apologetics? What You Need to Know as a Mom

There are a few things I know about you. You are a mom. You love your kids, you want the best for them, and you know that they will eventually leave home someday. How do you prepare them to leave the nest someday? The answer is ... READ the POST

As a mom, we have a responsibility to teach our children apologetics. Learn more about apologetics and how to start without the overwhelm!

10 Thanksgiving Bible Verses For a Thankful Heart This Holiday

When you think about Thanksgiving, what are the first things that come to mind? If you're anything like me, your thoughts might include turkey, football games on TV, and family. But one thing I always think of is gratitude. Thanksgiving is a time for ... READ the POST

God is our source of everything good. Here are 10 bible verses to encourage you to thank God this Thanksgiving Day!

15 Thanksgiving Activities For Kids To Keep The Focus On Jesus

Mama, I know the holidays are a super busy time and can be incredibly stressful. That stress only amplifies when we have littles underfoot. The stress of making sure the turkey hits the table at the right time and everyone has a good time can make it ... READ the POST

Keep the focus on Jesus this Thanksgiving with these 15 printable activities for the kids. Keep the Christian focus alive this November.

How to Make Thanksgiving Christ-Focused

One thing I love about the whole month of November is the attitude of gratitude. My social media feed floods with people posting about what they're most thankful for this past year. It's such a beautiful change of pace from what my feed is normally ... READ the POST

During the season of gratitude, let's put our focus on Christ. Learn how to make simple adjustments to keep Thanksgiving Christ-focused.

Lessons for Mothers from the Bible

I honestly never thought I'd be able to write a post about being a mother. I never thought motherhood was in the cards for me due to some fertility struggles throughout my 20's. But then I met my husband and he gave me the greatest gift of all time. ... READ the POST

What does God have to say about being a mother? Learn what the Bible says about motherhood versus the world's expectations.