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The Jesus Model of Friendships We Should All Be Following

Call me crazy, but this year has been insane and really put friendships to the test. I've really seen some friendships grow stronger and some fade away this year and people surely surprised me in beautiful and supportive ways. One of the things I ... READ the POST

Jesus modeled friendships for us perfectly and in a world full of sin, we could all use a more righteous friend. Learn how Jesus did it.

Perfect Summertime Slow Cooker Dishes for After Church

Y'all I live in South Georgia and it gets hot, well it just stays hot. Minus that 2 week stint we have in the "winter." When I lived in the North East I felt like my slow cooker got a lot of use because so many of the recipes were made for the ... READ the POST

The summertime is the perfect time to get your slow cooker out and prep some dishes before church. You're going to love them.

5 Misconceptions about Biblical Femininity

There's this idea floating around that biblical womanhood is somehow this dirty thing. That it makes you less than to your husband. That the moment you get married you lose all autonomy and you just become a walking doormat. In fact, I've had to have ... READ the POST

Here are the top 5 myths and misconceptions about biblical femininity, even amongst Christians. Check them out and see which you believe.

Devotionals and Studying Tips to Build a Better Relationship With God

As mamas, it's really easy to let your quiet scripture time slip away unintentionally. I know I personally have been guilty of that. I've gone through the cycle of "I'll get up earlier" and then that 5 AM alarm goes off and that snooze button looks ... READ the POST

Before diving into your next Bile study, decide on the type of method that speaks to you. Here are different Bible study methods to start!

Spring Cleaning Hacks to Make the Job Easier

One of the most important things we can do when running our home is effectively managing our time. Honestly, caring for a whole house can be a lot of strain on you physically and mentally so it's crucial to develop a routine that makes the most sense ... READ the POST

Learn how to care for you while you're busy caring for your home. These home hacks will keep you healthy and focused. + a cleaning checklist.

3 Ways to Have a Better Relationship with God

As a Biblical Womanhood Mentor, I get asked on a regular basis, β€œhow can I make my time with God, quiet and a priority when I don’t even have time to shower?” My answer is always to make it non-negotiable. You have to decide that God is more ... READ the POST

3 Steps to making your relationship with God a top priority as a busy mom. I promise, the spiritual blessings are worth it.