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5 Simple Home Management Tips to Make Your Life Easier

When you're a busy homeschooling mama that is running her own business, having a home that is managed well is paramount for your success. When your home is running well, you feel less stressed and you are actually more productive. There are so many ... READ the POST

5 simple tips to make your home management a breeze. No more stress and chaos for you. These 5 tips will transform your home management.

Top 5 Ways to Make Time With God a Priority When You’re A Tired & Busy Mom

As Christian moms that run businesses, homeschool, and take care of our home we often have this tendency to make our time with God either non-existent or an afterthought. More often than not when we first wake up we're immediately thinking about ... READ the POST

How do we make time with God a priority when we're running on empty? I have my top 5 tips for making God first when we're doing 902 other things throughout the day.

Narcigesis has no place in the home

Narcigesis is something that has become increasingly popular in the last few years. If you don't know what Narcigesis is, its when you make the bible central to you and centrally focused on God. According to the Church and Gospel, "Narcigesis, ... READ the POST

As Christian women and homemakers, narcigesis has no place in your home. We're talking about why you should avoid progressive narcigesis.

Why family dinner is so important

If we think back to the "good old days," our mind usually goes to a happy family who enjoys each other's company regularly. We can picture them sitting together at the table for breakfast and dinner. They start and end their day together. But it's ... READ the POST

Sitting down for dinner as a family is crucial to the success of your family and creating a loving dynamic in your home. Find out why here.

How to Prep for Christmas in September & Avoid the Christmas Chaos

I know you're probably checking the date and wondering why we're talking about Christmas prep a few days after Labor Day but now is actually the perfect time to get Christmas ready. I know every day (don't tell my husband) when I stroll through Hobby ... READ the POST

Learn how we prep for the Christmas season in September so we can actually enjoy Christmas. No running around like a chicken with our head cut off here.

11 Tips for Working From Home & Homeschooling with Ease

11 Tips for Working from Home & Homeschooling with Ease   Follow my blog with Bloglovin   I get asked all the time about how we work from home and homeschool because somehow we make it seem easy. I'll admit some days I look around at the end of ... READ the POST

My top 11 tips for balancing working from home with homeschooling. You don't have to sacrifice your sleep or sanity to have it all.