5 Ways to Build a Business on Biblical Foundations

I remember when I first got started in business. I was a Christian but it didn’t really matter to me who I hired and worked with because I had bills to pay and those 10k in 30 days ads seemed to be attractive. I was very focused on the money and while I made some good money, my business was not fulfilling nor was it honoring God.

It wasn’t until a few years later that I began to rethink how I ran my business. Instead of only focusing on the profit potential, I started to think about how to build a lasting business with Biblical foundations. I actually walked away from my successful agency.

I was going to be traveling to South America and Asia, having dinner with some very influential people, attended parties hosted by Ferrari but none of it mattered. I wanted to build something that truly honored God and made a positive impact on the world.

So, I began to reevaluate my business model. I started to become more intentional about how I ran my business, setting goals and objectives around the mission and vision of the company.

I also looked for ways to incorporate Biblical principles into our day-to-day operations: I focused on building relationships with vendors and customers, I prayed for guidance before making decisions, and I invested in my employees by offering them opportunities to grow.

It’s no secret that running a successful business takes hard work, determination, and faith. But what does it mean to build a business on biblical foundations? To answer this question, we have to look at the core elements of a successful business from a biblical perspective. These include integrity, humility, service, patience, and faith. Let’s explore each of these in more detail.

Biblical Businesses Focus on Integrity

Integrity is at the heart of any successful business venture. A company must be honest and trustworthy in its dealings with customers, suppliers, and partners. This means that the company should keep its promises and deliver what it says it will deliver. It also means being open and transparent with customers about any potential risks associated with products or services being offered. If you are building a business on biblical foundations, then moral integrity should be one of your top priorities.

Jesus had integrity. He was honest and trustworthy, never compromising his beliefs or values even when faced with difficult challenges. As Christians, we should strive to model our behavior after Jesus and make integrity a priority in our business dealings.

Biblical Business Building Means Humility

Humility is another important element for any Christian-based business model. The Bible teaches us that we should always show humility in our interactions with others, regardless of their social status or economic background. It also teaches us that we should always try to give back to those less fortunate than ourselves by providing them with resources or opportunities to succeed in life. By embracing humility within your own organization as well as extending it outwardly toward others, you can create an environment of support and growth for all involved.

Jesus modeled humility for all the world to see. He humbled himself and became like us, in order to save us from our sins. We should strive to emulate Jesus’ humility in our own lives and businesses by treating everyone with respect and dignity.

Service should be reflected in a Biblical Business

The foundation of any Christian-based organization is service—putting others before yourself—and providing value to those around you without expecting something in return. This doesn’t mean simply offering services or products; it means focusing on helping people solve their problems or easing their burdens through acts of kindness and selflessness whenever possible.

Lead with a servant leader’s heart.

Jesus washed the feet of his disciples, humbling himself and serving others. We should strive to follow in his footsteps and put service first when running a business. This can be done by actively seeking out ways to help others.

For me, it means donating to charitable organizations as well as offering compassion and grace to my team. It also means making sure that my services and products are always of the highest quality so that when people use them, they benefit in some way.

Patience is a Biblical Business Quality

Another crucial component when building a business on biblical foundations is patience. The Bible teaches us that God has a plan for everyone’s lives—including entrepreneurs—but it may take time for His plan to unfold before us completely. There will be times when our plans don’t come together as quickly as we would like but being patient allows us to trust God’s timing so that He can bring everything together in His perfect way and in His perfect time.

Think about the patience God offers us.   He is patient with us as we learn and grow, and as we make mistakes. We should strive to follow His example in our businesses—being patient with ourselves, our team, and our customers—so that we can create a meaningful impact on the world around us. How can you offer patience through your business?


Finally, having faith is essential when building a business on biblical foundations because without faith there can be no true success or fulfillment in our lives or businesses. We must have faith that God will guide us along the right path even when things get tough and trust Him to provide us with all the resources we need to make our dreams come true if we stay faithful to Him throughout our journey as entrepreneurs.

We have to have business meetings with God. We need to make sure that everything we do and every decision we make is in line with His will. We must also have faith that He will provide us with the necessary resources to bring our ideas to life and trust Him to give us strength when times are tough. By having faith, we can be confident that God is always with us, no matter what obstacles we encounter.

While there are many elements that go into building a successful business from a biblical perspective—integrity, humility, service, patience and faith—at the end of the day it all comes down to trusting God’s divine plan for our lives as entrepreneurs. As Christians, we are called upon not only to strive for success but also to use our skills and talents to serve others out of love for Christ. With devotion to these principles,we can build businesses based on biblical principles which honor God’s mission for his people.

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