Busy is the New Happy

Busy is the New Happy

To say I’ve been busy lately would be a gross understatement. Since staying home my schedule has become scary full. Besides keeping up with this website I am in school full-time, studying for the GRE, applying to MPP Programs (then to my PhD), doing a political affairs internship and seeing various doctors between Alex and I. It has been insane.

However, this insanity is different then the insanity that was my former job. Everything I’m doing is helping me reach a larger goal. Everything is calculated and planned so Alex and I can have the best possible future. Unlike my former job the stress did not seem worth it to me. I think that’s the biggest difference. I’m happy busy now.

Ashley Love

Now I’m not sure if busy if the new happy but I am sure that being busy is making me happy. I would not say that busy replaces other things in terms of my happiness. But working with a purpose, stressing myself out for a purpose, seeing an end result, that is happiness I suppose.

I think that being busy makes us feel more important. We feel like we have some purpose and that someone is depending on us. I think it also makes relaxing more enjoyable. When we’re going a hundred miles an hour all the time, when you do finally relax, it is so nice. Since being home, the amount of time I’ve had to just lay on the couch is minimal. However, when everything I need to do is finished and I can relax I am so overwhelmingly satisfied.

It’s funny how different this stress feels. I didn’t realize there were different types of stress until now. This is the type of stress I welcome. I invite you to welcome it too. What a difference it can make.

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