5 Reasons we benefit from Christian female business owners

I am so excited to be discussing why it is we need more Kingdom-focused women in business. When I started my entrepreneurial journey, I sought high and low for Christian coaches and mentors and found almost none. The ones I did find, dabbled in the New Age. It was very clear to me that the world of business lacked a Kingdom-focused perspective.

Since then, I have dedicated my life mission and purpose to helping Christian women entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground in a way that is honoring God and making an impact in our world. I believe there are so many incredible gifts and talents among us, and I want to provide a platform for those gifts to be shared with the world.

This week I’m highlighting why the world needs Kingdom-focused women in the marketplace.

Female Entrepreneurship Today – Examining the current landscape for Christian female-owned businesses and where we can go from here

I love math so much so I wanted to highlight some key statistics for you about women in business.

Women currently own 40% of all businesses. Forbes highlighted this wild stat for us, “An estimated 10 million people are employed by women-owned companies, and they generate nearly $1.8 trillion in revenue, according to the Census Bureau.”

Women are making great strides in the world of entrepreneurship but there is still much room for growth. Studies show that female-owned businesses are growing at a faster rate than their male counterparts—1.5 times faster, in fact! This means that more women-owned businesses are starting and succeeding each year.

This is a ton of impact! Now, imagine these were Christian-owned businesses. Think of the reach, impact, and influence we’d have in our communities.

The importance of support for Christian female entrepreneurs is more important than ever. In 2019, Faith Driven Entrepreneur revealed that 70% of Christian women believe the world needs more Christians leading in the marketplace. This is likely due to the fact that many feel they don’t have key resources, such as mentors and platforms, available to them. I can help with that 🙂

This is why it’s so important for us to promote and champion Christian female-owned businesses. We need to be creating a space for them to succeed, learn, grow, and make an impact in their communities and beyond.

Empowerment versus Exploitation – A discussion of the importance of ensuring that women entrepreneurs have the same opportunities and access as male entrepreneurs

When it comes to female entrepreneurship, the importance of empowerment versus exploitation cannot be overstated. It is essential that women entrepreneurs have the same opportunities and access as their male counterparts in order to ensure their success in business.

Unfortunately, many women are still held back due to a lack of resources or support from those around them. This can lead to exploitation rather than empowerment which can ultimately hinder a woman’s ability to achieve her entrepreneurial goals. We must work together to create an environment where all entrepreneurs – regardless of gender – can reach their full potential without fear of being taken advantage of or discriminated against.

We must also be conscious of the unique challenges that Christian female entrepreneurs face such as lack of resources, support systems, and access to capital. We must create safe spaces where they can share their stories and find helpful insight from other like-minded entrepreneurs. This is why I’m so passionate about helping Christian women navigate the world of business with confidence so they can make an impact in their communities and beyond.

The Faith Factor – How faith-driven entrepreneurship can help create a more generous and caring society

I believe that faith-driven entrepreneurship can help create a more generous and caring society. When we support women in the faith community to pursue their dreams, it’s not only empowering them but it’s also giving them an opportunity to use their gifts and talents to make a difference.

The unique combination of faith, business acumen, and creativity found in faith-driven entrepreneurs can be a powerful force for good. These individuals have the potential to create businesses that not only make profits but create larger societal changes as well. This is why it’s so important to promote and champion Christian female entrepreneurs and provide them with the necessary resources they need to achieve their dreams.

I know because of my free time I am able to serve at my favorite organization and donate to them. regularly. Consider the potential impact when these entrepreneurs have access to additional capital or resources such as mentoring and training. They can create a lasting ripple effect in their communities and beyond, bringing about real change and making the world a better place.

Diversifying Our Economies – Highlights of how making space for women-led businesses can create a stronger economy for everyone

The importance of diversifying our economies by making space for women-led businesses cannot be overstated. By giving female entrepreneurs the same opportunities and access to resources as their male counterparts, our economies can become stronger and more resilient. Women have unique insights and perspectives that could bring a wealth of innovation to the business world, and creating an environment where they can thrive is the key to unlocking that potential.

I think women just do business differently. They often have a greater focus on mission, values, and making sure the business is creating real value for each person they encounter. This can help create a more sustainable economic environment that allows businesses to grow while also serving their communities.

Women-led businesses also tend to be more egalitarian when it comes to pay and benefits, which helps alleviate inequality and creates a stronger economy for everyone. Additionally, studies have shown that companies with more gender diversity tend to outperform those that don’t, which is yet another reason to make space for women-led businesses in our economies.

By doing this, we can create a bright future for female entrepreneurs and the communities they create, while also strengthening our global economy as a whole.

Spotlight Women Who Are Doing It Right – Introducing Christian female business owners and what they are doing to make a difference in their communities

One place I see women doing exceptionally well is Girl Power Alliance. This organization is dedicated to empowering and inspiring women from all walks of life to use their gifts, talents, and passions to create a better world. As part of this mission, they provide resources such as mentorship, courses and funding opportunities to Christian female business owners who are looking to make an impact in their communities. They also offer additional revenue streams.

I’ve seen women use the additional income to fund their ministries, save their marriage and more. They’ve been able to use the resources to start or expand their business and make an impact in a meaningful way. It’s inspiring to see how these women are able to use their faith, business acumen, and creativity to create something bigger than themselves.

Another inspiring example is the Christian Women Entrepreneur Network. This organization connects women business owners who are seeking to make a difference through their work, while also providing them with the resources they need to succeed.

These are just two of many organizations focused on helping female entrepreneurs thrive, and I believe that focusing our attention on these stories and individuals will help encourage more women to pursue their own dreams of entrepreneurship.

In conclusion, Christian female entrepreneurs have the potential to create a huge impact in our communities and beyond. By supporting these individuals and organizations that are championing them, we can create a brighter future for everyone. Together we can build an environment that allows women to thrive and make real changes in the world.

If you’re a woman looking for help in the business arena, I’ve got you covered. Check out this link here or schedule a call with me here. Together we can make a difference.

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