Activating Girls through Empowerment: My Experience from Girl Power Alliance’s First Live Event

I was privileged to attend Girl Power Alliance’s first-ever live event, Activate in Dallas, Texas this last weekend. I left feeling incredibly inspired by the stories of survivors, changemakers, and leaders in the room. I was also reminded of how critical it is that we continue to invest in the empowerment of Kingdom women.

I wanted to share my experience and why I love GPA so much.

I had to take a few days to process what happened this last weekend before I emailed you about it. I’ve been trying to write a blog post about it but none of the words just felt adequate, to be honest.

This time last week I was in Dallas for the launch of Girl Power Alliance, a Christian company focused on personal and professional development for women. I mentor and teach inside that community as well as being on the Field Advisory Board. I honestly was excited about this trip as it was the first time I had been away from my husband and kids since we got married! Wild!

I could not have predicted the event would go the way it did but I am sure glad it did.

I was invited to a special dinner before the kick-off of the event where I got to hear Michelle (the Founder’s) heart behind the global mission of GPA which chokes me up every single time. Before we left dinner to officially start the event we gathered around her to pray over her. Literally just so special. I felt honored to be there.

We then moved right into worship for almost two hours. Just two hours of praising God and it really just reminded me why we were all there. Two hours of praising God, praying for our families, praying for our calling, thanking God we were all there. Just a really incredible time. Shout out to Ty and Jules Morlett for a bomb diggity way to start a conference. Check out their ministry here.

Friday we spent all day learning from women with good fruit. Women just in tune with the Spirit pouring into us. Thankful for that experience. We then had this gala, aka grown-up prom, except no boys! I loved it. Women getting dressed up. But here’s what was so beautiful. We began the night being gifted a crown to remind us that we are the daughters of THE KING. I wrote all about that experience here. We ended the night with a private concert by TASHA LAYTON. Excuse me? I don’t even know how this is real life but it is. I almost cried the entire time.

Finally, here is the real kicker of the weekend. My sweet friend Brandie here. My soul sister. Saturday, we had another day of just Spirit-filled women pouring into us, her being one of them. Side note, she shared a stage with women like Anne Beiler, you know the Founder of Auntie Anne’s Pretzels! The day ended and we decided it was just a pizza party kind of night. Brandie and I get into our sweatpants and we are ready to chow down. It had been 3 days of just emotionally fulfilling but exhausting experiences and so we were ready to chill with our pizza.

Then God moved in. Brandie needed healing.


Brandie spoke about it on her live here and I truly believe this is something everyone should see because it was truly the most profound spiritual experience I’ve ever had. Here’s a small preview of what it looked like.

I did not what to expect going to Dallas but I can tell you God showed up. I feel so alive and ready for whatever God has in store for me. I know you too are a Daughter of the King and He has something great in store for you sister.

P.S. If you want to get involved with GPA, check out our website here. We would love to have you!

Activate is an event for women of all ages to learn how to live their best lives through personal and professional development opportunities. The event was put on by Girl Power Alliance, a Christian company focused on personal and professional development for women. I mentor and teach inside that community as well as being on the Field Advisory Board.

Meet the Field Advisory Board

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