Love Being a Homemaker, Despite What Modern Feminism Says

Why Homemaking Matters: A Noble Calling Amidst Modern Feminists

If you watch the news and/or read any publications, you’ve probably seen articles and broadcasts about gender wage gaps and how emotional labor women endure that holds us back. One would think the idea of the homemaker is becoming extinct because of the less than kind backlash. I know I personally have dealt with an impressive deal of unkind words, mainly from other women.

This idea of women supporting women only seems to apply if you fit a mold, from my own experience. 

I’ve been watching the show Mrs. America about Phyllis Schlafly told through her own experiences and the modern feminists of her time like Gloria Steinem and Betty Friedan. During the passionate debate of 1973, Betty Fredian, writer of The Feminine Mystique and “mother of feminism,” called Schlafly, an advocate for homemakers, a witch that she would like to burn at the stake.

I think this moment is crucial to understanding where we as homemakers stand in the feminist ideology of worth. The truth of the matter is, we don’t. 

If we believe that raising our children and serving at home is where God has called us than frankly this “movement” believes we are brainwashed by the patriarchy unable to make a rational decisions ourselves, which is the antithesis of what they tell the world they stand for. 

So why does homemaking matter in a world that has spent decades telling you and our world how backward it is? I honestly cannot think of a more important call. The role of homemaker is not simply do the dishes, but it is a calling to serve. It’s a call to act more like the Savior. It’s asking us to not put our needs before the needs of others.A homemaker’s job is to ensure your home is a peaceful place to be. It means no arguing over dishes. When we take the time to argue over mundane things, we are bringing us closer to the Savior. It breaks a spirit of discontent when we argue or hold resentment over such simple things.

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Instead, we can view those dishes as a way of serving our family. We can view that task as something enjoyable because it means we had food on our table and people to share it with.

We can focus on loving and supporting each other instead of throwing a fit because your husband didn’t wash a plate.  When you put it like that, it seems so silly to worry about such things. 

The truth of the matter is, despite what modern feminists will say, homemaking is not a thing of the past. Truly, I believe it is more important than ever to show up at home. Turn on any news station for about 5 minutes and you’ll probably leave feeling the same way. The more we can pour into our family, I firmly believe the better our world truly can be.

I believe there’s a few ways that homemaking can make a difference in not only our immediate circle but on a global scale. 

wives are called to be a homemaker

Home is central to God’s plan

The scriptures talk repeatedly about the home. The scriptures discuss the house of God and the importance of our home. Our home is where we nurture the family and can invite others to learn more about God. Our home is always open to those in need and it’s been a glorious place where we’ve shared the gospel with others. We’ve seen people return to church and find a fresh path in our home.
The home is responsible for so much, and yet little emphasis is placed on it by others.
Is your home ready right now for a guest? If the local missionaries need somewhere to stay could they drop by? Could you invite a stranger in for help? Will they feel the spirit there or will there be chaos?

Hospitality is asked of us from God

I quote 1 Peter 4:9 all the time. That scripture is a call to serve humbly in all places for all people. We do not limit hospitality to those outside your home. Often, we neglect to offer hospitality inside our home and our family gets the leftovers.
Offering hospitality to others means showing up at home first. It means offering the people you love, grace and compassion. If we are to become more like our Savior, it starts with hospitality in the home.

Your home is a testimony

People are searching for refuge from the craziness of life. They want peace, serenity and understanding. Is your home the refuge from the storm or another battle ground?
When we make our home a peaceful place, the spirit can dwell there and create miracles. If our home is central to God’s plan then it is central to your testimony and the testimony of others.
What would a calm, peaceful home filled with the spirit do for someone else? Just imagine the ways your home can advance the gospel simply because you spent some time caring for it.
Looking Ahead

In a society that is beyond broken, we could use more women turning their houses into homes. Homemaking is not about you, but it is about those around us. For me, that’s a calling worth answering.

If you’re considering making homemaking a high priority in your life, let’s chat directly.

I focus heavily on showing up at home and I’d love to chat more with you about it. We’ll talk soon.

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  1. Wow. You nailed it 100%. When the family unit starts to crumble , a country, a nation will also in time. Study history, it’s all there.
    Thank you. The most important role in the universe is a homemaker. It affects the generations to come. Make it count!! The future of every human being is dependant on it.

    1. Shelly you are so right! The worst thing to ever happen in the US was when women entered the work force and modern feminism took over. We can see the long term impacts with every modern idea. We just get further and further from God’s truth.

  2. You missed the point entirely! Feminism is about equality. Feminism is having the right to choose if you want to work or be a homemaker. Feminism is not about oppressing women, by saying they have to fit a mold. What you described isn’t feminism.

    1. I agree Feminism should be about making your own choices however the movement has radically shifted. I’ve caught a lot of flack for staying home with my family. I have been shunned in excess for the choice. The problem is that Modern Feminists don’t believe staying home is a viable choice and if you do make that choice, you’re oppressed.

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