Love Defined: A Review

I first found GirlDefined Ministries when I searched YouTube for a little truth in my life last year. Kristen Clark and her sister Bethany Baird are what we would hope Christian women would be. They’re smart, kind, modest, and really love Christ with every fiber of their being. So I was most excited when their book Love Defined came out. Let’s talk about Love Defined and my thoughts on it. Before reading Love Defined I was pretty. convinced I knew all. the things. I had a basic understanding of a God Defined relationship. I was super active in my church which is all about families. I went in thinking I knew most of the things. What would I get out of it?

Well a lot!

Loved Defined is comprised of five parts.

• Happily Ever Disaster

• Bringing Back True Love

• Single and Waiting to Mingle

• Working Through the Nitty-Gritty

• Living Well on This Side of the Altar

What I loved most about this book is that it’s not just about dating and courtship. It goes from those first romances to thriving in marriage. I think a lot of us think that marriage is the Holy Grail. We get there and then it’s all good, right? Wrong. I’m proof of that as my own marriage crumbled. I would say 98% of the reason it crumbled is because it wasn’t a marriage the way God intended it to be.

It was something else entirely. That’s why I believe it didn’t work. So I think it’s super important that this book goes from the beginning stages to the marriage and how to maintain that marriage.

This quote from the book could not be more accurate.

One of the best parts of the book Love Defined is the fact that Kristen and Bethany don’t just talk about issues, the Merry-Go-Round Dating Method and more, but they share their own trials. They share their own dating stories. How they let society permeate their idea of  dating and relationships. & ultimately how they found the most truth in God’s Word.

Another favorite quote from the book is about how God’s Word has more advice than every other chick flick and romance novel combined. I mean honestly why wouldn’t He? After all, God created the first relationship. He would know better than anyone else.

My Overall Thoughts

I cannot recommend Love Defined enough. If you’ve been struggling with your relationship and want to improve it, or maybe you’re single and struggling with the waiting game (I get it) this is the book for you.

It offers advice on what to look for, red flags, advice for every stage and so much more.

I promise when you embrace God’s Word into your life and relationships, amazing things happen. It won’t always be easy but it will be worth it.

Grab your copy of Love Defined below & be sure to sign up for their study starting in June!

love defined

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