Christian Female Leadership Mentor

Lemon Price

Meet Lemon

Lemon Price is the mom of two boys, a dog mom, and a wife to her best friend.

After earning her Master’s in Marketing and Journalism, she quickly rose through the ranks of the business world, joining the C-Suite at just 26 and helping clients achieve 8-figure sales in just 10 months. She then started her own marketing agency, which she ran until God called her to focus on His ministry and calling.

Now, Lemon focuses on helping women in marketplace ministry and their ministry at home. Her warm personality and deep faith make her the perfect mentor for Christian women looking to use their gifts to glorify God.

Some places you can take a listen

The Shared Cup Podcast with Ashley Price

Some Interview Topics

  • Mary Magdalene Season: Calling women to step into leadership ordained by God and looking to Mary Magdalene as an example.
  • God’s Good Design for Womanhood: Ditch some of the secular views on womanhood and dive deeper into God’s good and perfect design for women.
  • Marketplace Ministry: Sometimes the only way someone can experience the Gospel is through your business. What does it look like to have a business with Jesus at the center?
  • Slowing Down: The world calls us to hustle and bustle but what if we made fast food slow food again and just enjoyed the life God has given to us?

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Causes She Cares About

Foundations Resource Center

After struggling with her own fertility issues, Lemon became involved with Foundation’s Resource Center. FRC is a local charity in Georgia. Their mission is to walk alongside women and families as they face pregnancy and parenting crises and challenges.

Whenever someone purchases a course or joins Lemon inside of Girl Power Alliance, money is donated to FRC.