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Lemon Price

Meet Lemon

Lemon Price is the mom of two boys, a dog mom, and wife to her best friend. Although she was raised anti-Christian, she left her cult to become a Christian apologist mentee and studies through Liberty University’s M.Div in Apologetics program. Lemon volunteers at Women in Apologetics as well as other organizations that help women to stay strong in their faith and know how to answer difficult questions about God from those who may not believe what they do.

As a busy mom with little time for herself, Lemon has found it necessary to make sure she stays deep into the Word so that she can be an effective mother for her children and mentor for others by sharing her experiences with them as well as teaching them how they can defend their

Some places you can take a listen

The Shared Cup Podcast with Ashley Price

Lemon Price is a  Christian Apologetics Mentor who helps Christian moms feel equipped and empowered to disciple those around them (including their kids).

Founder of the Overwhelmed to Overcomer Community, she is an authority on all things discipleship, biblical femininity and growing your relationship with God. After leaving a cult and doing her own religious deconstruction and then reconstruction, she has found a love of learning all she can about the gospel and is currently her M.Div. in Apologetics and Theology with Liberty University. She has helped hundreds of women find a deeper relationship with God.

Some Interview Topics

  • The Importance of Mothers to Learn Apologetics: Learn why it’s crucial to the Kingdom for mother’s to be deeply involved in Apologetics.
  • God’s Good Design for Womanhood: Ditch some of the secular views on womanhood and dive deeper into God’s good and perfect design for women.
  • Submission Isn’t a Dirty Word: Take marriage back to God’s design and take back the word submission. Discuss what a biblical marriage is defined as by God.

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Causes She Cares About

Resucing all the dogs

Lemon frequently jokes that she started working for herself solely to save all the dogs. It’s few and far between that you won’t find her with a stray in her car. For the longest time, her kids thought dog rescuing was her job.

She fully supports + donates to the local shelters in her area.