More Than the Tattooed Mormon

More Than the Tattooed Mormon

This has been an interesting week. After my unintentional spiritual theme on Sunday, I fell down an investigator’s stairs. Until I have an MRI the current diagnosis is a slight fracture in my foot with the possibility of a torn tendon.


Merry Christmas

I had a very hard time accepting that my walking abilities are not up to par. I tried all day Monday to still do things around the house. I didn’t need Alex to help me get dinner and I could straighten up by myself. To say I was wrong would be a massive understatement. Last night I accepted that this holiday season I would not be running around like the nutcase I typically am.

Recently, my friend Lauren met Al Fox Carraway, “The Tattooed Mormon,” (a name she does not love by the way). 

Then, out of nowhere, my husband says, “Have you heard of Al Fox? She’s this tattooed Mormon. I feel like I could relate to her.” This was now twice she was brought up to me in about a week. So in the interest of not ignoring any type of prompting or weird coincidence, I bought her book.

Let me just start by saying, I had to buy the kindle version because I couldn’t wait for it to be shipped. Let’s also say that I could not put it down. I was texting Lauren every few minutes to say, “I can’t believe this is happening.” or “I feel the Spirit so strong with her book. It’s so amazing.” Poor Lauren because this went on until I finally decided to go to sleep at 1 am (thankfully she lives in Utah now so it wasn’t as late for her).

I read half the book last night and I think what I love the most is how raw and relatable it is. She talks about how reluctant she was to meet the missionaries, how her family reacted when she did convert, and how important it is to follow promptings. I won’t give away her entire book but I do highly recommend you pick it up.

Even if you aren’t considering a conversion it offers something for all. You get life changes, moves, changing family dynamics, judgement, etc. I think a lot of these things are something everyone experiences as we get older and make decisions for what is best for us as individuals.

I think the point of her book, and I’m only halfway through, is that we are more than our past. We are so much more than anything that happened yesterday, last week, a decade ago. Decisions we made and the people we were in the past does not have to dictate who we are in the future. Who I am today may not be who I am next year. I think that is her real point here. She’s more than the tattooed Mormon just like we are more than our past.

Read the book. Tell me what you think about it. Let’s talk about it.

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