5 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Church As A Busy Mom

Moms are some of the busiest people on the planet. We have a lot on our plates, and sometimes it can be difficult to find time to fit everything in. Church is important, but it can be hard to find the time to go when you have so much going on. Even when you’re there it can be hard to get in the right head space. Here are five tips for getting the most out of church as a mom.

1. Prepare

Have your clothes and the kids’ clothes picked out the night before. Get some worship music going in the morning. Have your bag packed and ready to go. Give yourself and your family some time to transition from the business of the week to worshiping God.

2. Get there early

Arriving early to church gives you a chance to get settled in before the service starts. It also allows you to find a good seat so that you can see and hear what is going on. If you have little ones, this can be especially important. You don’t want to feel frazzled walking into church. It just can kill the mood you’re in and that’s the enemy trying to prevent you from worshipping God.

3. Get involved

Many churches have programs for kids and families. Getting involved in these programs can help you meet other families and make friends at church. It can also help your children feel more comfortable in church. If your church doesn’t have anything like this, maybe you could start something!

making the most of your church experiences as a mom

4. Serve

Serving is a great way to get involved in your church community. There are likely many ways that you can serve, whether it be through volunteering for a program or helping out with something behind the scenes. Serving can be a great way to meet people and get to know them better. This is also a great way to model Godly behavior for your children. Let them see you serving. But remember to not serve at the expense of your family. Family then service. They are always your first priority, mama.

5. Remember why you’re there

Even though it can be difficult, try to make church a priority. It is important to nurture your relationship with God and being around other believers can be a great encouragement. Remember that your relationship with God is the most important. If you can keep that perspective, going to church will be worth it every time. It seems almost every other Sunday we get bombarded with hateful and high-conflict messages from something external while we’re in Church and it’s like Satan’s way to try to derail our experience. We have had to remember why we are in Church. It’s to shut out the external and worship the Father. It’s to thank Him for what He has done.

It can be really easy to sleep in on Sundays or to find other things to do, but try to make church a priority. These five tips can help you get the most out of church as a mom. Worshiping God is so important and being in a community with other believers is a great way to grow in your faith. If you could use a community of Christian moms, consider joining our free community, Christian Moms in the Word.

We’re a group of Christian women who love God’s Word and support each other in motherhood. We pray for one another, offer support and study God’s Word together. Come join us!

Moms, what tips do you have for getting the most out of church? Share in the comments!

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