An Ideal Homemaking Schedule for a Happy Home + Free Printable

My Homemaking Schedule

How we balance business, the home, homeschooling & family time with ease.

I get asked a ton about my homemaking schedule and how we seem to fit everything in. Between running a business or two, homeschooling, taking care of the home, and getting quality time with my family, most people question if I even sleep. I promise I do. Unless I have an incredible book.

I wanted to break down my day-to-day and weekly schedule so you can see how we manage to do it all each and every day. 


My number one key to success is a planner. I have multiple planners and the Agenda 52 planner is by far my favorite. I have inserts that remind me of daily tasks and it helps me meal plan. I sit down each Sunday evening and map out my week ahead. The first thing I do is map out family time and house necessities. My business has to fit into my life, not the other way around. Then, I ensure all my meetings are in the planner as well as being digital.

The number one thing I tell everyone is that your business cannot dictate your schedule. No matter what you’re doing. Whether it’s volunteering, running for office, taking a work meeting, etc. your family priorities come first and everything else is secondary. Even church activities are secondary to family time.

I also plan my cleaning schedule each week. Yes, I’m that much of a crazy person. I swear by the Shark MopVac. It was hands down the best $80 I have ever spent. Every single day I run that snazzy thing because in no time at all I can vacuum and mop my floors. I mean less than 15 minutes! I also take the time right before my hubs comes home to just straighten up. Make sure there are no dishes in the sink, our throw pillows aren’t hanging out on my floor thanks to the kids and dogs, etc.

I also put in my planner how long it takes for me to make dinner, our family to eat it, and clean up. I told you, I’m a crazy person.

homemaker's planner for scheduling success

Most people tell me the idea of being so scheduled feels so restrictive but I promise you it isn’t.

It’s actually incredibly freeing. I don’t have to wonder about dinner. I know when the kiddos are going to bed and our home is always ready for guests to drop by unannounced. I can finally relax in the evenings with my hubs because I don’t worry about what I have going on the next day and I’m not running around at night trying to straighten up.

We also stagger our laundry. I do mine and my hubs on Sunday nights, the kids on Monday, couch covers and towels on Wednesday, and then sheets on Friday.

Every Friday is when I deep clean my house. I run my Shark daily but Friday is when I clean clean the house. I mean washing the sheets, scrubbing bathrooms. etc. That’s when we get the big boy mop out and go to town. I love starting my weekend with a freshly cleaned home. It helps us to just relax and enjoy our weekends together. I don’t waste a moment on the weekends cleaning. It’s just straight family time. Setting my weekly plan helps me map out my daily plan.

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Daily Plan

God calls women to be a homemaker

Now that you know what I do each week to ensure household success, how do we manage our day to day?

Scheduling like always, of course!

I get up when my husband gets up around 6:00 AM every day. I pack his lunch and get the dogs situated while he gets ready for work. He’s out the door by 6:40 and usually I stay awake. Unless of course, I was up reading until 2 AM and then I may nap until 7:30. ?‍♀️

My kiddos tend to sleep until 8-8:30 and since we homeschool this is perfection. I spend that time before they get up working on whatever I have going on that day. It may writing a blog post, sending out emails, invoices, reading a book, learning something new about my industry, etc. I also take that time to do my hair, throw on makeup and actually get dressed.

Then we do breakfast as a unit and handle morning chores. Making beds, picking up any toys that were played with in the AM because they think I didn’t know they got up early, etc.

Then it’s on to school time.

We homeschool and it doesn’t take nearly as much effort as one thinks it does. We typically start school around 9 AM and we finish by 10:30 and that includes a bible study, math, reading, phonics, science and social studies. I promise you that homeschooling doesn’t have to be a difficult process and you don’t need hours and hours the way a public school does.

While my kiddos work on some assignments they can do solo, I handle the breakfast dishes, clean the kitchen counters, take the dogs out again, etc.

By the time 10:30 rolls around, my kids are off to play. They may go outside, watch a movie, grab their tablets, play with the toys in their room, read a book, etc. That free time allows me to record podcasts, new trainings for my membership, write, meet with clients, etc.

We do lunch around noon and then my kids are back to playing. They sometimes try to practice their instruments in the afternoon.

I am typically done work no later than 2 PM and I only work Monday, Wednesday and Thursday so we have ample time to do fun stuff. 

I start dinner around 4:30/5 so it’s done when my hubs gets home around 5:30 each day.

By 6:30 we are usually done dinner and my kitchen is in order.

My kids start to wind down aka they ask me to read the Boxcar Children series to them. We honestly go through a book every other day. They’re obsessed.

The kids go to bed usually around 7:30/8 and it’s alone time for my husband and I.


There are some things I do once a month to keep our home running smoothly. This probably sounds nutty like what can you possibly only do once a month.

The first thing I do is sit down and look at bank statements and budget. I figure out what the bills will be, what we have incoming and make a plan. I also look at what we spent the month prior to see where we can adjust.

I also clean my oven once a month. Hello self-cleaning oven. It makes my job so so easy. This is something I do the first Monday of the month. I also clean our washing machine and shampoo the carpet in the boy’s room (the only room in the house with carpet).

This is also the time we vacuum the couch (yes, I said I vacuum the couch). We also take the time to wipe down the doors, blinds, etc.

I just set a day each month to tackle these projects and it makes me feel so much better. I promise, it doesn’t have to take a long time either. I can accomplish all the tasks on this list by the time my oven cleaner is done. It’s such a great way to kick off the month.

Managing all the things in your home doesn’t have to be a challenge if you get a system down.

While my system may not work for you, consider developing a system for your home that ensures everyone succeeds. I promise when you get a plan in place, everything is smoother and everyone is happier. Especially you mama.

If you’re struggling in the homemaking department or want to learn more about running your home, check out the 20 things I do each and every day to ensure success.

Leave a comment below and tell me about your homemaking schedule. I’d love to learn how everyone else manages.

Download the 5 Essential Planning Sheets Every SAHM Needs

You’ll find weekly menu planning sheets, my essential pantry list for any kitchen, kid chore charts, and more! Go from chaos to hyper-organized with just a few minutes a day.

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