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Radiant leadership academy

This International Coaching Federation Certified program is exactly what Christian women are looking for.

The Radiant Leadership Academy is here to teach you how to be a leader, the biblical way

Come join me for the next round of Radiant Leadership Academy in April 2023.

A Homemaking ministry

Our top post in 2022 was focused all around serving in your home. Tell people you have a homemaking ministry and they may think you’re nuts. When we think about ministry, typically the last place our mind goes is homemaking but the truth is, a homemaking ministry is one of the most important ministries you’ll ever be involved in. It’s actually the first ministry you have. 

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Top Post

Meet The Writer

Hey, I’m Lemon

“Christian women are divinely equipped to be both homemakers and Kingdom Leaders. They have the unique opportunity of embracing this dual mandate as a way to gloriously serve God.”

I focus on helping women in marketplace ministry and their ministry at home. My goal is to help women shed the antiquated notion that their ministry is only in their homes. Women are so much more capable with God by their side.

Let’s rise to our Mary Magdalene season together.

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Top Program

Biblical Femininity Foundations

Born from a need to understand my own identity in Christ, this mini-course is focused on helping women embrace their God-given nature and role.

Learn about God’s original design, biblically sound female friendships, feminism in the Church, and more.

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Milk and Honey Podcast

A podcast for Christian Women who want to lead

Biblical Business Blueprint

Start a business the God-defined way