My Experience with Radiant Leadership Academy

If you’re a Christian female entrepreneur, then you know that sometimes it feels like there’s no one in your corner cheering you on. But I’m here to tell you about an experience that changed all of that for me- Radiant Leadership Academy.

Radiant Leadership Academy is a 16-week online program designed to help Christian female entrepreneurs take their businesses to the next level. The program is led by Michelle Schaffer, who is an incredible mentor and teacher.

When I first heard about Radiant Leadership Academy, I was excited to learn more about what it had to offer. As a Christian female entrepreneur, I knew that there were not many resources available to help me grow my business. However, after attending the academy, I can say that it was well worth the investment!

Healed trauma

Trauma can be defined as a deeply distressing or disturbing experience. It is often the result of an event or series of events that are outside of our normal range of experience. Traumatic experiences can leave us feeling overwhelmed, helpless, and alone. They can also cause us to feel unsafe in the world and disrupt our sense of self. If you have experienced trauma, you are not alone.

I had no idea how much trauma I was holding on to honestly. Through the Radiant Leadership Academy, I was able to find ways to heal and let go of my trauma. Michelle during my second round said something and it was like God Himself spoke to me. It was a huge “aha” moment, and from that day forward I started to feel more empowered, alive, and connected.

It was like years of trauma melted away. I called Michelle later that week and we just cried on the phone together. She’s a coach and mentor, but also someone who gets it. I really have walked and felt differently since. Things that used to upset me, don’t. I’m in control of my emotions and not the other way around.

Learned more about leadership

Radiant Leadership Academy has also taught me a lot about leadership. I was able to learn more about myself, who I am as a leader and what it takes to have an impact on others. Through the course, I gained confidence in my abilities as a leader and learned how to use them effectively in my entrepreneurial endeavors.

I learned how to build relationships with others, how to be an effective communicator, and how to set realistic goals. I also learned how to find solutions, take risks and handle difficult conversations. Most importantly, I learned that leadership isn’t something you do alone; it’s a team effort!

God transformed me

I can honestly say that Radiant Leadership Academy has been a life-changing experience for me. Through the program, I was able to heal old wounds and gain invaluable wisdom about leadership. But more importantly, God used this program to transform me inside and out.

I walked away from Radiant Leadership Academy with an assurance that He is with me on this journey. He will lead, guide, and provide the strength I need to go forth into my destiny.

God transformed my team

Due to a change in me, I was able to lead my team differently. After I put my faith in God and allowed Him to be the leader of my team, everything began to change. The atmosphere became more relaxed, allowing us to work together better. We worked through any conflicts that arose with respect and understanding. My team was able to come up with creative solutions and look at problems from new angles. I could sense a newfound enthusiasm and willingness to work that wasn’t there before.

It was amazing to see how God had transformed my team with His power. It became clear that when we put our trust in Him, He can help us accomplish incredible things. We experienced an increase in productivity that helped us meet our deadlines and exceed expectations. With the guidance of God, my team was able to produce amazing results.

God’s presence on our team gave us so much joy and satisfaction. We felt empowered and confident in the knowledge that He was there with us every step of the way. With His help, we were able to reach heights that seemed impossible before. God truly worked miracles on our team!

God transformed my family

The bond between my entire family is so much more intense. My marriage is better than ever. We are able to communicate more effectively and work together on important decisions. We now have a deep understanding of each other’s perspectives, allowing us to overcome any disagreements we may have. We’ve come just so close to one another. As I step into my place in the Kingdom, my husband more fully steps into his place.

The boys also feel the effect of God’s presence in our home. They are much calmer and happier, which is so comforting to see. We are able to enjoy our time together more fully and it is such a blessing.

God has changed us in so many ways and I am forever grateful for the way He has worked on our family. With God’s guidance and love, we have become a team of faith, hope, joy, and peace. Our lives are forever changed by the power of God and we will continue to experience His blessings for years to come.

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ICF Accredited

Finally, one of my favorite things is that Radiant Leadership Academy is International Coaching Federation Certified. This means that we have gone through an extensive process to ensure the quality of our program. Whether you’re looking for a life coach or considering becoming one yourself, ICF Certification is an important safety net. We are committed to helping each of our members reach their goals in life with the highest standards possible.

Being able to provide this kind of quality assurance to the women I work with is something that I take a great deal of pride in. It’s so rewarding to see people realize and reach their highest potential with the help of our coaching program. I am grateful for ICF Certification and all the ways it has helped us make an impact on others’ lives!

Radiant Leadership Academy is ICF Accredited

So would I recommend you join us for the next round of Radiant Leadership Academy? Absolutely! I can promise you, it will be an incredible journey. With God’s help and guidance, you’ll find yourself transformed in ways you never thought possible.

I look forward to seeing what God has in store for us as we continue on this amazing journey together!

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