Building up your husband as the spiritual leader

Building your husband up as the spiritual leader

“You aren’t supposed to catch up, he’s supposed to lead.” 

My friend Katie text me that today and I about fell over.

You see lately my husband has been on a spiritual path and his faith is on fire. The type of faith that people dream of having, he has. 

It’s big. It’s undeniable the things he has experienced. His hunger grows the more he satisfies it. 

I used to be the one with the scripture knowledge and now he’s calling me asking me to have read a few chapters so we can study them together that evening.

I was struggling to catch up until my friend pointed out that I’m not supposed to catch up.

As the Spiritual Leader in our home, my husband should be ahead. That doesn’t make my views less important or my own study not valid, but he is the leader of our home. 

 felt so much weight lifted off of me once she said that.

Like I could breathe.

Like I didn’t have to put so much pressure on myself.

I could focus on the things God asked me to focus on and let my husband lead our home. That also means leading spiritually.

The way we, as wives, respond to our husband and his God-given leadership, makes all the difference.

If we offer up resistance or even some slight discouragement, it’s easy for him to abandon his role. So while our husband is the leader of the home, it’s our job to support that role and encourage him.

I know the worldly feminism ideology is resounding in your ears right now.




You may be thinking that it sounds nuts that you need to support a man and your husband is the leader of the home. But God’s standards are not the world’s standards.

A man’s ability to achieve all that God has in store for him depends on the support the wife provides to him. That doesn’t mean you won’t be successful either but God said it was not good for man to be alone and he needed a helpmate (Genesis 2:18). 

Be that spiritual helpmate for him.

Way too often we rebel against the notion of letting our husband lead because society says we are equal in all things and in all roles. We’re supposed to be the leaders too. We’re supposed to be able to do EVERYTHING a man can do but that is not how God designed us.

We were each designed differently and perfectly, might I add. 

We may be equals but we have different roles. We aren’t the same. 

How we respond to our husband’s leadership is a direct reflection of our relationship with God. 




Eve was created perfectly for Adam to be a helper. When sin entered the world, it changed the way we interact as a couple. The willing submission of the wife and the understanding of the husband’s spiritual leadership became a little more difficult.

are you encoring your husband as a blessing or acting like a burden as the wife

Less easy to understand and accept. 

When Jesus offered His life on the cross for us, He took the weight of sin with Him making it only through Christ we can understand our husband’s role and our own role. It is only through Christ we can truly have a happy marriage.

I challenge you to reflect on these questions.

Are you asking God for a biblical marriage?

Have you committed to showing your husband the respect he deserves as a spiritual leader?

Have I told my husband I want him to lead our home? 

How we respond to our husband and his leadership will impact the overall happiness in the home.  Remember in Proverbs 14:1 where it talks about the wise woman building her home and the foolish one destroying it?

Which will you be? 

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