Wives are made suitable for our Husband by God

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We kicked off the Wife After God study this week and as I was preparing something hit me hard which makes me more excited for this study we’re doing. I’m using the book, Wife After God  and Jennifer provides scripture reference for each day. Have you ever stopped to consider how you were uniquely designed for your marriage?

Since I am running the study, I also find additional resources, come up with questions, etc. to supplement.

While preparing though I read a scripture we’ve all probably read a thousand times. Genesis 2:18 (NIV) says, “The Lord God said, ‘It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.’”

The word I was stuck on during this reading was suitable.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary  the word suitable is defined as, “being right or correct for a particular situation or person.”

Usually, when someone has taught this scripture they focus on the “helper” part of that verse. While I think it’s an important word, this is not my focus today.

I want to talk about being a suitable partner.

You see I spent a lot of time worrying I wasn’t good enough. I worried I wasn’t smart enough, thin enough, successful enough, etc. I wasn’t going to bring enough to the table. I wasn’t patient enough to have kids. I wasn’t sure my annoying quirks would be something someone could love long term.

God says you are suitable for your husband according to Genesis 2:18

I wasn’t sure someone could love the fact that in today’s world, I wanted a faithful husband.

I wanted a husband who would make me get out of bed on a Sunday when I wanted to stay home that one week. Yes, we all do it.

I wasn’t sure I’d find a husband who would pray for me and thus encourage me to pray for him and our family. I’ve never had that.

I didn’t grow up in a religious home and I was so unsure I would bring something to the table that my dream husband would want because I didn’t really know what that relationship or family structure looked like because I had never experienced it.

But this verse right in the beginning from God really reassured me this time around. I’ve read it so many times but God really spoke to me this reading. He said you are enough. He said I created you for your partner. You are created uniquely for a purpose. You were created to be suitable for your husband.

Eve was created for Adam.

Adam had a big task. He was in a personal relationship with God. The first we know about. He was tasked with naming the animals and having dominion over them. He was to multiply and replenish the Earth. Talk about BIG tasks! God knew Adam needed someone by his side who could handle all those big tasks.

He created Eve to be a support system suitable for him.

Hubs and I at the circus - This goofy husband is perfectly suitable for me!

While Eve is Adam’s helper, she is a suitable helper. She is the correct person for the situation. She is meant for Adam.

You are meant for your husband. God designed you for him. Your unique experiences, trials, insights, wisdoms, quirks, etc. are meant to help him serve God and your family. You are meant for your family. God makes no mistakes. Everything you have experienced will be useful to your relationship, I just know it.

Find peace in that scripture that God made Eve suitable for Adam and he made you suitable for your husband.

I say all the time I know without a shadow of a doubt Glenn and I are a match made in Heaven. We could not be more perfect. Where I lack, he makes up in me. Where he needs support, my experiences and strengths, are helpful to him.

We truly are suitable for one another.

Spend some time figuring out how God has made you and your spouse unique for each other. Pick up your Bibles and find solace in God’s truth about your marriage.

Have you ever stopped to consider how you were uniquely designed for your marriage? In what ways have you seen God move in your marriage to show that you were made for each other?

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    1. Thank you so much Crystal! It’s so funny how often I’ve read that scripture but this time something completely different stood out. I always love going back through scriptures we’re so “familiar” with because I always seem to find something new I hadn’t considered before. Amazing how God works!

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