Top 5 Ways to Make Time With God a Priority When You’re A Tired & Busy Mom

As Christian moms that run businesses, homeschool, and take care of our home we often have this tendency to make our time with God either non-existent or an afterthought.

More often than not when we first wake up we’re immediately thinking about taking the dogs out or we’re waking up to crying babes. Those needs are immediate. They are necessary. They interrupt time with God first thing in the morning and that’s okay because they are also a priority.

God isn’t asking us to ignore our crying children to study His word. He’s not asking us to leave the dogs in a crate for an extra 30 minutes to spend time with Him. We are meant to care for everything around us (Genesis 1:28).

But how do we make time for God a priority when we’ve got 802 things going on that require our attention? How do we make God a priority when there are people and animals that require our attention to survive?

Here are my top 5 tips for making God the focus of your day when you have more going on in your world than you feel equipped to handle. And no, it doesn’t require that you faith it until you make it.

This sounds really simple but make it a priority. I think way too often we make time with God seem like a massive chunk of time but it can be as simple as reading a scripture a day. It can be saying a prayer. It can be listening to scriptures while washing the dishes or putting laundry away. It can be teaching your children a biblical principle today.

Making time with God does not need to be a large production but it does need to be a daily practice. He does need to be a part of your every single day.

The more you develop your relationship with Him, the better. You cannot expect to ignore your husband for days, weeks, months, or years and then just pick it up and expect to have this beautifully deep relationship. It takes commitment. You have to put in the work daily. Even if you can commit to a few stolen moments a day, make your time with God time that is not up for debate.


Make your time with God non-negotiable



Check your influences

Are you surrounding yourself with worldly influences or biblical ones? I know that when my home is filled with scriptures on the walls and bibles line our bookshelves we’re in a different place. We have a different day when we decide to watch a movie on PureFlix versus Netflix.

Check your heart and ask yourself if you always have time for worldly influences (friends, movies, shows, music, etc.) then you have more than enough time for Godly influences.

That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy movies or music on the radio but if you can make ample time for Dancing with the Stars, you can make ample time for God.

Get the family involved

Our kids are our greatest tools to hold us accountable. My kids never let us miss a Family Home Evening or night of Bible Study because silly us, we made it fun! By making it enjoyable for our kids and stressing the importance, our kids never let us miss a day. It is imperative to them they get in their time with God. They crave a deep relationship with their Creator thereby holding us accountable.

We’ve made Bible Study a part of their homeschool day and it’s perfect. It makes Mom and Dad prep a lesson (time with God) and then spend time teaching our children (more time with God).

Even though the lessons are always geared toward my kids are who elementary aged, I always walk away with something new. I always learn something in my own study time or from my discussion with them. They have such an innocent take and it’s so refreshing. I love their faith. It’s pure and intense and only pushes me to grow mine.

Technology can be your friend

Technology can be your best friend actually. We love being able to throw a talk from church leaders up on the TV, grabbing our phones for a scripture discussion in the car, etc.

There are so many daily devotional apps, apps to help you keep a list of whom to pray for and what you said you’d pray for them for, and more! You can get involved in small groups via apps too. There are so many great ways to develop your relationship with God by using your phone for good. I promise it’s not just for TikTok.

Hear me out for a second mama. Is time with God a priority? Do you want to build your relationship with God? Is that high on your priority list?

You’re probably screaming at me right now saying “yes, Ashley, of course, it is!” but is it really?

Way too often we put off building our relationship with God because we don’t want to address our own behaviors. We know we’re doing something we shouldn’t be doing and it feels good. Sometimes we don’t want to be convicted. Sometimes we don’t want to face the struggles we have and so we ignore it.

We put the Bible down.

We don’t make prayer a priority.

We don’t invest in our relationship with God.

But we have to.

It’s our job to make that relationship a priority. If there’s something you’re avoiding because you’re not ready to be convicted about it, I promise walking on obedience to God is better than whatever that thing is. I promise having a relationship with Him is better than whatever that worldly struggle is.

Pray to ask God to give you the desire to be in a relationship with Him consistently and fiercely.

Pray for a longing desire to be in a two-way relationship with Him because it will change everything.

Check your heart


Mama, we will always be in a busy season but the Creator is never too busy for you. He always makes time just for you. The least we can do is make Him a priority in our day. 

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