Working in Primary

Working in Primary

Last week I got a text from a member of the Bishopric asking me to meet. I’m new to the ward so I honestly assumed it was for a calling. I had been there a month and so it seemed like the right time. I was right.

I ended up in Primary. As the Chorister of all things. Y’all I have not done anything musically inclinced in 12 years. Yes, I did Honor’s Choir back in Elementary School (yes, I got picked for that) but I haven’t done much since minus the Middle School and 1 year of High School Choir. So to say I’m rusty is an understatement and a half.

How was I going to teach music. I can’t even conduct and my ability to hear the songs and know when to start signing is lackluster at best. I immediately thought to myself, “well the kids won’t care but the adults in the room are going to know I’m an idiot.”

So basically it was pure panic.

Then I was set-apart and it changed everything.

The Bishopric reminded me how vital my job was. Primary is the super fun place in Church. You’re also working with future missionaries. Future parents. The next generation of active adults. The experience they have in Primary can shape how they feel about Church. I hear from adults all the time that a Primary lesson stuck with them. A Primary teacher. A Primary song. Those moments in Primary helped them through the tough times.

Primary used to feel like being banished. Minimal adult conversation. People tend to forget you exist when you land in Primary. But after meeting my Bishopric, I learned that Primary is one of the most important callings I’ve ever been given. I’ve served in Primary before but never had this actualization before.

I needed Primary as much as God needed me there for the children. I am forever thankful that God places us where we need to be.


A Child’s Prayer

This is without a doubt my favorite Primary song. God will always answer your prayers. We are all part of his Primary.

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